Active and healthy holidays in Ortisei, in the Dolomites' Gardena Valley

Miraortisei apartments for your dream vacation in the UNESCO World Heritage Site

In the heart of the Dolomites, the UNESCO world heritage
On 26 June 2009, the Executive Committee of the Convention about the material heritage of the humanity of UNESCO, meeting in Seville, declared the Dolomites a World Heritage Site.

The Dolomites are named after the French naturalist Déodat de Dolomieu (1750-1801) who first studied the particular type of rock that predominates in the region, named in his honour “Dolomia”, primarily composed by the dolomite mineral.

The Dolomites are among the most fascinating natural structures in the world. A wonder that the famous Swiss architect Le Corbusier called "the most beautiful architecture in the world ". Reinhold Messner, the famous climber known all over the world, affirmed that "the Dolomites are not the highest mountains in the world, but certainly the most beautiful".

The extreme climber Hans Kammerlander, Ambassador of the mountains of Alto Adige / South Tyrol, the man who managed to climb 13 of the 14 peaks above 8000 meters cannot resist coming back with regularity in the Dolomites.